Footy Fanatic FX


DOWNLOAD Footy Fanatic FX Version 3.01 (BETA) (7.50 mb)

Latest beta version with 2020 lists. See the news section for more information

It's recommended you DO NOT install this in Program Files or you may run into permission errors and old versions not deleting. The default location to install the game is C:\Footy Fanatic FX

DOWNLOAD Footy Fanatic FX Version 2.0 (8.08 mb)

Version with 2019 lists.

Installing on non-windows machine

It's possible to install on a non-windows machine eg Linux or Mac using a program called Wine. Note: Wine won't work on macOS Catalina 10.15 or higher

You can still get the old 2008 Footy Fanatic FX Version 1.06 here (6.25 mb)

Note: Be sure to email any problems you have to

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