Footy Fanatic FX


Problem: Get subscript error 9
Status: If this happens during career mode then it's hard for me to diagnose without seeing the career. If you can zip up the folder of the season you're having trouble with and send it to me then it will help immensely and allow be to fix the problem in the next update so you can resume your career. To find your season go to c:/program files/footy fanatic fx/season/[your season name]. The email to send it to is

Problem: Game crashes after the year 2010 with subscript error 9
Status: This happens if you have your system date settings set to the US format. You can fix this yourself my going to Control Panel>Regional and Language Options and choose English (Australia). It will also be fixed in the next update so it will work regardless of the date format, big thanks to Ryan for helping me find this. (Now Fixed in Version 1.04)

Problem: Cannot train new players
Status: Fixed in Verison 1.03

Problem: Weird crowd figures
Status: I'll admit not a lot of time has been spent on getting crowd numbers correct. This will be worked into an update somewhere down the track.

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